Thursday, August 2, 2012

Filipino boxer in London Olympics to fight tough Kazakh foe

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Small Stamp Anthony Barriga, who humbled taller Italian Manuel Cappai in a swaying 17-7 win on Tuesday night (Philippine time), will be up in opposition to tougher Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan on Saturday.

The boxers will face one another in the men's light-flyweight division Adjust of 16 of the continuous 2012 London Olympics boxing rivalry at Outperform Presentation Focus in London.

The 5’6” 28-year-old Zhakypov got away a 18-17 triumph over France's Jeremy Beccu in an additional first adjust session to mastermind a crash in opposition to Philippines' solitary boxing trust 5’2” Barriga, just 19. 

Olympian Zhakypov was a silver medalist in the 2010 Asian Diversions in Guangzhou where he lost to ensuing gold medalist Zou Shiming of China. He is likewise safeguarding his gold in the quadrennial planet's chief scene.

Zhakypov, who contended in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, additionally won a bronze in the 2005 Universe Beginner Boxing Championships.

The several-time Sydney Jackson Remembrance Competition champion Barriga, additionally, was a quarter-finalist in the Aiba Young Planet Boxing Championships 2010 but lost his Round of 16 session to Zou Shiming (12-5), who later took the gold, in the 2011 Aiba Planet Confining Championship Baku, Azerbaijan.

Universal novice boxing arbitrator judge Ramon "Dodong" Revamonte, in quick messages to Sun.Star Davao, stated Barriga stands an exceptional risk in opposition to the Kazakh.

With the assumption that Barriga is in great condition, he could probably thrashing the Kazakhstan boxer who almost lost his match. Barriga prefers to battle taller rivals," he declared.

Revamonte additionally stated in the vernacular, "Barriga is a shining contender. I've been in beginner boxing for an extended time; he's one in a million around different adolescent boxers due to his boxing aptitude. I actually trust he won't inch toward getting deceived by the judges. He will win with the petitions to God of the Filipino folks."

Agent Anton Lagdameo's boss-of-staff Gene Rose Tecson, likewise supervisor of the Barangay Una Boxing Crew of Davao del Norte where Barriga sharpened his talent, was elated regarding the Filipino boxer's win.

She is ideal that Barriga will development, including, "His edge is his heart. He needs this so regretful for himself, for the nation, for God."

Barriga outpunched five-foot-six Cappai, 5-2, 4-2, 8-3 in every one of the few adjusts as he exploited his top notch speed, timing and footwork.

Barriga unleashed a blast of counterpunches at the beginning of the first adjust. He tagged his adversary with a right that staggered Cappai when his synthesis headed to a standing eight-mean the Italian.

Cappai, known to update position at any given time, attempted to be more domineering in the second adjust yet he got warnings for hitting Barriga at the back of the head.

The wily Filipino, now being called the "Small Pacquiao" or "Pocket Pacquiao," authenticated excessively slippery to extend his lead, 9-4, and he never looked once more to secure the win following the thir adjust.

Ann Margie Sienes, Barriga's mate, expressed him and his mentor Roel Velasco can't hold their delight when they talked through Viber.

"They were in the process of snickering and snickering. They were so cheerful. We didn't discuss the battle anymore in light of the fact that it was simply a short exchange. I think Stamp moreover didn't give questions there on the grounds that he unequivocally prefers to center on his following battle," Sienes told Sun.Star Davao in quick messages.

Mentor Velasco, as per Sienes, thanked all Filipinos for supporting Barriga in supplications to God.