Monday, April 26, 2010

What the Boston Chronicle is all about?

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Most people today, no matter how old, how educated, and even how rich, are using the Internet to share things they like or having interest with. They are just getting excited on how things work inside the web. We always like entertainment, functionality, experience and adventure. We want it fast and easy. We love the Internet.

There are two things that made this blog come to life. First, it is sharing. I like the passage of a certain musical advertisement saying, "Give a little love and it will all come back to you." Sharing is always good and it gives a certain satisfaction factor to the writer. Not just that, it will also bring back the efforts of writing by receiving parallel information and brilliant ideas from others. Expect more tutorials, reviews, notes, guides, and latest news in this blog.

The second reason that this blog breaths is interaction. The author wants to connect to a bigger audience and from them as well. I believe it keeps the Internet going and making no boundaries. Feel free to leave a comment, do a re-Tweet or post in Facebook, write a Google buzz, and just do anything nice you like to interact with me and the other readers of this blog. You are always welcome in this site!

You will read this blog because you have the latest news posted every day. And you have my opinions to provoke your thinking in order for you to be involved, be receptive, and be unrestricted as a citizen of free country. This blog will be posting TV show reviews, Movie reviews, Sports news and predictions, and of course, general news all around the globe.
And, you will be back for another day because something just taught, amazed, and drive you. We have just the most unique presentation of valuable information in this blog.

This blog was officially started May 26, 2012. This is authored, edited, and mastered by George Campbell.

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With those forces, this blog will keep moving on. Be updated with this blog by bookmarking it to your favorite sites or email servers. React on the latest posts. I'm sure this blog will make that Internet hunger of yours to the highest level, and don't worry, it will always be satisfied.

Welcome guests, feel at home!