Saturday, May 26, 2012

Disclaimer of the Boston Chronicle

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The title of this blog is not related to any big news company. This is just a title of a sub-domain blog here in Blogger and is run by an individual only. The title, "The Boston Chronicle" is chosen because the writer is some Boston and it is a news, review, and feature blog.

I write news, reviews and feature articles after I have done my careful research concerning a specific subject from trusted sources online. My style and presentation of that news, reviews, and feature articles are unique because I write with a background of a Sports blog writer, an educator, and an average citizen of Boston. I feel the need of writing this kind of version because I believe people who will read my blog have different inclinations and likes. With this diversity of readers online, there will be a group that will surely like the opinions shared in each news article, reviews, and features posted in this blog.

TV Shows, Movies, and Sports Reviews

This blog will post TV show’s episode reviews, movie reviews and Sports reviews. These reviews are from the author’s thinking and ownership. Trademarks mentioned such as network names, TV series titles, and any other brands are owned by the respective owners and are not business-associated with the Boston Chronicle.

Copyrighted Materials

We don’t post copyrighted materials in this blog such as copyrighted images and videos related to our subjects. Our articles posted in here are also reviewed carefully before publishing in order to avoid duplicate/copied contents. However, this blog is free to revise pre-published article online for the sole purpose of reference and article enrichment. We also post links to our sources, reference, or sites related to our contents. We don’t necessarily ask permission to them before we link to them because this is our freedom in the internet world.


All opinions written in this blog is owned by the author, George Campbell, and therefore, not accounted to any company, group, brand, person or any representation mentioned in this blog.

Because of the issues above, posts in this blog may express biases and limitations. Readers therefore are advised to use the contents of this blog at their own risk and responsibility.

I am not suggesting that you need to follow, believe, or understand my thoughts declared in the Boston Chronicle. Contents of this blog are intended for reading and research purposes only.

This blog does not necessarily express 100% truth all the time. Limitations and mistakes are sometimes cause by biases, technical problems and mishandling of information.