Friday, June 8, 2012

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight 2012

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Beyond any other question is this, "Who do you think will win the fight?" Manny Pacquiao is still the favorite and the tested warrior. But, Bradley is on his utmost level and his muscles are ready to punish somebody. All I can say is that this will be a boxing fight that you will always remember through the years. Read our preview of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Boxing Fight 2012 below.


Head-butts and the sky have overwhelmed much of the pre-battle talk in advance of Saturday night's Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley principle occasion on HBO pay-for every-view, exist from the MGM Stupendous in Las Vegas, but as we surround battle time, every last trace of the prattle descends to one thing: Who's determined to win?

For Pacquiao, 33, it’s the first time after he challenged Juan Manuel Marquez a second time in 2008 that he's confronting a contender regarded, legitimately, to be in his prime years. The final time he challenged a contender who had yet to drop in his 30s, it was Miguel Cotto in November 2009, and unequivocally following Cotto turned 29. The final time he encountered an undefeated warrior, it was Jorge Solis in 2007.

Manny Pacquiao has had a mind boggling run subsequent to December 2008, when he stunned the boxing universe not unequivocally by whipping Oscar De La Hoya in a furious, but by genuinely pummeling "The Golden Kid," constraining him to stop on his stool, and driving him into retirement when Oscar's webs cleared a few months later.

Wins over Ricky Hatton, Cotto, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito, and Shane Mosley emulated the win over Oscar. Yet with those wins came physical downfall, additional forces within the ring, additional diversions and centers outside of it, and through it all, no battle with Floyd Mayweather, the most gigantic session in boxing.

That night in opposition to De La Hoya was extraordinary. I didn't think Manny would be able to do it, and that would be with the note going in that I thought De La Hoya was old, well past his crest, and was agonized when he weighed in at 145 that he was weight emptied. I still thought he could unequivocally be too great, too tall, too robust for Lil' Manny, who was hopping basically from 130 to 147, with one battle at 135 in opposition to David Diaz added to his repertoire.

So while I fight that De La Hoya was old, shot, and seriously over-strained for that battle, it doesn't scratch the win in my eyes--I thought Oscar could look old and still get a win actually on size. I didn't suspect, to put it unmistakably, that Manny Pacquiao was on a par with he was by that focus.

The question is, “If Manny Pacquaio has still the will to win after announcing his faith and being busy as a politician?” Timothy Bradley is on his prime and I believe in this fight, he’s at his best. Will Bradley be good enough to stop Manny Pacquiao’s winning craze and possibly sign up his retirement? Well, I guess we will only know the answers of that question after the bell rings.