Saturday, May 26, 2012

UFC 146: Dos Santos vs Mir Review

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This is the storyline of Junior dos Santos  vs. Frank Mir. Dos Santos is the defending champion with a 14-1 record. On the other hand, Mir having a 16-5 record is just the right heavyweight to challenge Dos Santos. This will be an exciting feature fight of the UFC 146. Dos Santos is favored in this fight with the fans bet. Experts predicted that Dos Santos will knock-out Mir in the second round.

The warriors have no secret course of action in this one. Dos Santos is one of the heavyweight division's most drastically cleaned boxers and has 10 first-adjust knockouts. Mir's eight submissions in UFC sessions is a heavyweight record. The Las Veggie lover thinks he is able to lessen the champion's knockout capacity by taking him profound into the battle. Mir declares dos Santos' capacity claims roots in the speed with which he moves into his shots, so his arrangement has all the earmarks of being to make the battle keep going and get it to the ground. That could work for a touch, but Dos Santos is unsafe. Look at for Mir to attempt to protect assuming that he gets in a bad way, but don't anticipate dos Santos to play that amusement. While dos Santos is reasonable to spot a game plan to terrain a chief and completion of the battle, Mir perhaps is the just to approach from a wagering outlook at such extended chances.

This is the storyline between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva. Velasquez is a heavyweight with a 9-1 record compared to Silva who is a perfect match has a 16-3 record. Velasquez is favored in this bout to win a knock-out on the third round.

A win over the fanciful Fedor Emelianenko in right-on-time 2011 event fantastically supported Silva's stock, but the preceding EliteXC heavyweight champion constructs his UFC as a big appearance off a misfortune to Daniel Cormier in the elimination rounds of the Strikeforce heavyweight competition in September. The situation for "Bigfoot" is that Velasquez is comparable to Cormier, an exclusive wrestler with speed and great capacity in his hands. Velasquez is a major talent, but he should shake off the first misfortune of his profession and recover the certainty that moved him to the heavyweight title. This is his first presence subsequent to he was thumped out by Dos Santos in 64 seconds in November. With the expectation that Velasquez is in a positive mental state, he ought to put off the Brazilian. Silva declares he could jump at the chance to get the battle to the ground, which is simpler stated than done in opposition to the past several-time All-American wrestler.

This battle pits several of the game's most unique psyches in what figures to be an engrossing session. UFC president Dana White isn't an aficionado of either, so they might be going to battle on behalf of an occupation. Nelson, a Las Vegetarian, might be in additional risk. He has dropped a couple of his past four; however several of the misfortunes came in opposition to dos Santos and Mir. Nelson should be overall served to attempt to bring Herman down and keep him there. However Nelson extended has been reprimanded for his constitution, it is plausible his cardiovascular fitness is superior to that of his rival, and he may have the capacity to wear out Herman. There is the plausibility of an enthralling first adjust, emulated by messiness if the battle wears on and molding is tested. Herman has knockout capacity, but Nelson's button is thrilling.

Not just would be able to this be one of the card's most activity-pressed battle, it might come around to being one of the most unbelievably paramount to the division's future. The matchup of unbeaten prospects will certify who takes a huge stride up the rankings and who will have more work to do to get there. Del Rosario comes back from something greater than a year out of movement when a smashed driver struck his auto. He has a stunning show of strikes, especially his assortment of kicks. One and only one rival has made it out of the first adjust. The greatest concern stamps around Del Rosario dropping in his UFC make a big appearance are the manner by which steady his back is when the mischance and what affect the layoff will have on his recreation. Miocic was a top university wrestler and a talented baseball player. He additionally was a Golden Gloves champion in boxing before dropping in intermingled combative technique and going on a great run. Del Rosario may require a round or a few to move toward getting settled in, but his standup aptitudes are astounding.

Johnson is on a significant run. Following getting the call to make a big appearance on the undercard of January's UFC on Fox card in Chicago, where he knocked out Joey Beltran in the first adjust, Johnson came back to thump out Praise Barry on the primary card of the Fox indicate on Would 5. Now, he returns a few weeks later to challenge Struve. Johnson's streak could finish here. Struve is 24 but even now has 10 UFC battle and is getting stronger every time out. In the event that he is able to stay at a separation and keep Johnson from attempting a chief early, the 6-foot-11-creep Struve might as well take control. Johnson was out of luck almost instantly in opposition to Barry's constrained ground abilities, and Struve is superior to Barry. Look for Struve to make speedy work of Johnson if and when this battle hits the mat. The just concern could be in case he could probably get it there.

This chapter of the UFC fights will be viewed by many people because the match-ups are pretty close and exciting. As predictions came out, the view of having knock-outs in almost every fight means another excitement and entertainment juice for all the enthusiasts of mixed martial arts.